Mushaf Quran (A4 Size)

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-The letters are composed with computer
-minimized letter fonts
-essential space inbetween word as well as lines
-Aerab(Zabth) on appropriate letters
-Two colours are used
-Maintained the Rasm Usmani
-A4(21.0 X 28.0 cm) papers are used


Store:Dr V.Abdur Rahim Books The Glorious Quran is Allah's Book.Its words are as important as its meanings.For these are the direct words of the creator of the universe.That is why ten hasanat are granted for pronouncing each of its letters.From the very outset Muslims have taken various measures to facilitate thr reading of the quran.for this purpose ,diacritical signs were devised,dots were ad-versed with Arabic writing such as new converts to islam or people from Western countries find it difficult to grasp all the forms of ded to cetrtain letters and punctuation marks were introduced.But all this was done without any change to the rasm Uthmani.Another area which is in need of facilitation is that some Arabic letters when joined to others assume different forms.Those not well a single letter which change considerably from the original from when joining with other letters,and this poses a problem for them.
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